Painting the World


There are places in the world where life at times becomes black and white, and it is in these moments, with the absence of light, when children, whith their innocence and vigor drown everything with color, are able to fill the world around them with play, laughter and definitely... with life. In this series, a story about the lives of some children around our planet.

The City in the Skies. Kathmandu_Nepal         Children running pidgeons into flight among a chorus of laughter and flapping wings between the buddhist temples in the central square of the city. In the ceiling of the world, the birds, and hopes, fly closer to the ground. , A Storm to Stop Time. Aranyaprathet_Thailand.          In the last town before arriving at the border with Cambodia, a fierce storm breaks the monotony of work for the tireless children who carry merchandise to and from between both sides. For an instance, they forget the work, and begin to play under the rain, taking a moment to cleanse themselves with soap. I found myself questioning umbrella. , Within the Walls of the Forbidden City. Beijing_China          In a city which for so long nobody was allowed to set foot, an inquisitive child freely wanders over a sea of stone tiles framed by infinite red walls to discover the place in its entirety. 980 buildings with 8.707 chambers distributed within 72.000 m2 of endless curiosity. , The Guardian of Mao's Tomb. Beijing_China          A young uniformed man with a serious expression stares unmoved at the camera while maintaining custody of the enormous portrait of Mao Tse-Tung which hangs over one of the gates of the Tianamen Square. In the Giant Yellow,  everything is so large that a sense of smallness is created within its people. , The Girl Who Didn't Share Her Meal. Kuala Lumpur_Malaysia          In a school in the city, a small girl protectively places her hand over her lunch, defending her meal from the other school children who watch from the other side of the room, as the instructor vigilantly walks around with a wooden rod in hand to maintain order. Education as it was time ago., The Dancing Fountain. Xian_China          With more than forty degrees at sunset, the children run to one of the largest fountains in the country to cool down under melodic streams of water. They run under the arches of water in an improvised choreography that makes one marvel at the enjoyment of architecture in extreme climates. , Mountains of Rice. Lao Cai_Vietnam         A young girl from the Hmong ethnic group, clothed in the blue-tinted hemp typical to her clan, with her baby, scans the horizon of rice paddies covered by fog. With children always on their backs, the women of this region commit to labor for their family growing rice and craftmaking. , To Run About a Mosque. Kuala Lumpur_Malaysia          Taking advantage of a polished marble floor, boys and girls in school uniforms, with caps and veils, slide across the surface and into each other in the biggest mosque of the city, unaware of the great differences that will separate them in the future. , A Breeze of Whispered Melodies. Beijing_China          In the highest point of one of the hills created with the soil excavated to make the Forbidden City, a small girl chants the melody of a traditional song while timidly staring at the ground to do her best. A soft breeze caresses my ears blending the song deeply with the horizon. , The Bath of the Water Buffaloes. Kuang Si_Laos         Under sunset skies, a child returns to his home on the back of his water buffalo, after giving it its routine daily bath in the river. Among play and laughter, they confidently jump from the back of one water buffalo to that of another. This is a most amusing chore, and is especially reserved for the children.
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